Lunch en dinermenu


Fresh tomatosoup with pesto 6,50
Soup special 6,50

Bread roll:
Gezond, with cheese, ham, coleslaw, egg, red onion, cucumber and tomato 7,25

Home smoked carpaccio, pesto, pecorino, roasted Groninger beans 9,75

Home smoked salmon salad, cucumber and tarragon mayonaise 8,75

Warm goats cheese, walnuts, pear, honey and fresh cress 8,50

Luuks vegan with turmeric-pita, coleslaw, red onion, salad, cucumber, tomato and roasted Groninger beans 8,25

Home smoked salmon with cucumber, fresh salad, spring onions and tarragon mayonaise

“Old School” with plucked chicken, cheese, bacon, tomato and egg salad 9,25

Vegetarian with hummus, roasted paprika, spring onion, cucumber, pesto and fresh cress

Fish salad with home smoked salmon, cucumber, crispy capers, egg salad and scrimps 14,75

Vegetarian with goats cheese, walnuts, dates, cucumber, red onion and honey 11,25

Ceasar salad with chicken, ansjovis-garlic-pecorinomayonaise, croutons, egg and pecorino 12,75

Grilled focaccia toasty with ham and cheese with ketchup 6,75

Grilled focaccia toasty with mozzarella, goats cheese, pesto, avocado and spinach 8,75

Egg dishes:
Farmers omelet with paprika, mushrooms, onion, potatoes and tomato 9,75

Home smoked salmon omelet, spring onion and cress 10,75

Classic fried egg with ham and cheese 9,75

Pancake naturel, bacon, cheese or children’s pancake with extra toppings 6,50

French toast with mushrooms, rucola, pecorino and walnuts 9,25

French toast with home smoked salmon, spinach and crème fraîche 9,75

French toast classic with cinnamon and powdered sugar 7,75

Warm lunch:
Home smoked and marinated salmon with matching garnish. Served with fries and salad.

Home smoked and marinated bavette with matching garnish. Served with fries and salad.

Biological Dutch cheese fondue with vegetables, different types of bread.
Served with fries and salad. 18,75


Bread with pesto, hummus and tapenade 5,50

Burrata, jong creamy mozzarella with truffel, grilled cherry tomatoes and basilicum. Served with bread, olive oil and seesalt. 11,50

Soup of the day, changes every month, served with bread and butter 6,50

Tomatosoup with pesto, served with bread and butter 6,50

Home smoked carpaccio with pesto, pecorino, smoked olive oil and roasted Groninger beans

Tompouce with home smoked salmon, lemon-avocadocrème and radish 9,75

Coquilles duo, the classic variant with lemonbutter and a vegetarian variant with celeriac and stew of watercress 10,75

Paté with mushrooms, sage and walnuts with citrus fruits, marinated raisins and toast 8,25

Hors-d’oeuvres fish for two, a combination with the classis coquille, salmon tompouce, shrimps and oysters 11,50 pp.

Vegetarian tasting for two, a combination with the burrata, the mushrooms paté, celeriac coquille and vegetables 9,75 pp.

3 fried sole in butter with remoulade lemon sauce 24,75

Home smoked salmon with marinated artichoke and arugula cashew tapenade 20,75

Swordfish of the grill with honey saffron tarragon sauce and garden herbs salad 21,75

Classic coq au vin with mushrooms, baby potatoes, bacon and thyme 19,25

Home smoked bavette with grilled eggplant, roasted tomatoes and gravy 20,75

Baked tournedos au gratin with Dyon mustard, brown sugar sauce and cooked ham 29,75

Tenderloin with fresh lemon pepper cream sauce, grilled spring onion and walnuts 19,75

Vegetarian Wellington with pumpkin, goats cheese, cherry tomatoes, roasted almonds and fresh chives 17,75

Grilled cauliflower steak with truffle mushroom gravy, fried mushrooms, salsa verde and walnuts 16,75

Filled courgette with spicy goats cheese, roasted paprika, fresh sour green apple and walnuts 16,75

Bio Dutch cheese fondue from Kaas in ’t bakkie with vegetables and bread 18,75

All main courses have appropriate garnish. Extra fries is possible 2,50

Classic crème Brûlee with ice cream 7,25

Home made apple pie with lemon sorbet ice cream 7,75

Choco mess with a lot of chocolate and red fruit 8,75

Fresh fruit dessert with sorbet ice cream 7,75

Crepe Suzette with a caramelized sauce of orange and vanilla ice cream 8,25

A tasting of desserts for two, with home made apple pie, choco mess and fruit dessert 9,75 pp.